How to Make Money on Youtube from Nepal without recording any videos

Make Money youtube Nepal

If you are wondering about how People make money with YouTube from Nepal – but don’t know how, then you have come to right place. In this tutorial I am going to teach you method to earn money from youtube without creating any of your own videos form Nepal, and if you are thinking that is it possible? then I will say Yes, you can make money from Youtube without creating any videos

You can  republish the previously existing popular videos on youtube which are in the Creative Commons section. Creative Commons  videos are those which have a license that lets the original author share her or his videos free of charge with the public and those videos can be re edited and republish without any issues

Follow These Simple Steps to Make Money on Youtube  from Nepal

Here are the steps in republishing your own popular video to youtube channel.

1. Step 1 (Select Niche/Topic of your choice and Interest)

I recommend to look up any videos in these popular categories.:

  • Top 10 Sports Highlights
  • Top 10 Best Trains
  • Top Video Games
  • Top 10 Fitness Sites
  • Top 10 Scariest Movies
  • Top 10 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

Step 2 (Higher number of Views)
After choosing your topic , search a videos on your niche and choose a video with a high number of views.

Step 3 (Filtering Videos)

Now to filter the Videos on Search result Click on the heading, “Filter”  Section in the upper left hand corner below search bar on youtube.

Step 4 (Creative Commons  Videos)

After that, click on the word “Creative Commons” so that your search results only Shows up shareable videos.

Step 5 (Keyword research)

In order to find videos that are going to get traffic and generate the most money from advertising then do some key word research on “Google Trends” and find some popular keywords that are trending up.

Step 6 (Keyword research Tools)

You can Perform a keyword search number volume in “KWfinder” or “SEM Rush.” and keep in mind to exclude keywords with extremely high volume of searches, because those will be hard to rank for your keyword. Chose a keyword with a fairly high search number, and a medium level of difficulty.

Step 7 (Grade of Difficulty)

You can double check your selected keyword at the site “TubeBuddy Tag Explorer” to see what grade of difficulty it would be to rank your video high on Youtube. 

Get TubeBuddy Tag Explore Plugin for chrome from here

Grade around 70 is good.

Step 8 (Using Keyword)

You can use your new and improved keywords in video title, and description to drive new traffic to your video.

Step 9 (Using Video)

Go to your “Video Manager” and choose the video you want to edit, and click “Edit”. and  Next click on “Enhancements.” .Then, click “Try the Youtube Video Editor,” and select the video you want to edit and Finally, click “Save the New Project”.

Step 10 (Monetizing)

To be able to monetize your videos from Nepal You need to change the location to any other Country (USA). you need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months to join the program.

This is the Quick tutorial on Making Money from youtube with zero investment. Anyone can earn money from youtube in Nepal and get paid easily.Hope this tutorial will help you to some extent. 


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